Cornelius Krieghoff

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The purpose of this folder is to examine the genre works of Cornelius Krieghoff and discuss the ways the following three paintings of his are similar and also different from 17th century Dutch Genre paintings. Genre painting has been defined as "a type of picture, usually small in size depicting not so much a subject, as everyday life and surroundingsthe important thing is that it should not represent idealized life (Murray)." This allowed for painters to sell their work to the swelling ranks of the middle class. The similarities between Krieghoff's work and that of the Dutch artists becomes especially evident in the manner in which the subject is treated. However, I believe the manner in which Krieghoff chose his subjects is what separates his works from the traditional Dutch genre paintings. As the following paintings will demonstrate Krieghoff's training in Europe had a large effect upon his work, making his work similar to that of his Dutch predecessors. Differentiating Krieghoff, is his Canadian experience, which placed him in the midst of his subject matter in a way that few Dutch genre artists ever were.