Griffith - William Berczy

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Berczy had a productive career as a portraitist in the twenty years that he spent in Canada. He died in 1813, leaving behind a vast collection of religious paintings, architectural designs, and portraits in watercolour and oil, and he was easily distinguished as the finest Canadian painter of his era (Cybermuse/National Gallery of Canada 2008).

Berczy has been described as "an artist preoccupied with the new Neoclassical type of painting" (Lesser 1983). Many of his works, particularly his portraits such as 'Maria Therese: Archduchess of Tuscany,' 'Joseph Brant,' and 'The Woolsey Family,' display a strong classical stylistic influence which are a direct result of the intensive training that he received in Europe. His contribution to Canadian art cannot be understated, as he was an instrumental figure in bringing neoclassical concepts to the forefront in Canada at the turn of the nineteenth century.


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