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Sir Charles T. Metcalfe


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kathrynziedenbergPublished by kathrynziedenberg on 30/11/2009 08:51:12
Sir Charles T. Metcalfe was Governor General from 1843-45. He was resistant to responsible government in the colonies and refused to act on the counsel of the Executive Council. Despite Lafontaine's attempts to enforce the progressive system, Metcalfe was adamant. Under the previous Governor General, Lafontaine had attained greater influence and had managed to reform electoral law, move the capital to Montreal, and started the process of attaining amnesty for the 1837 rebels as well as restoration of French as an official language. Metcalfe's obdurate nature provoked Lafontaine and his ministers to collectively resign their positions November of 1843. This is known as "the Metcalfe Crisis." Attempts to re-enter government were thwarted in the 1844 election which was decidedly unfavourable to reform candidates.


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