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09350 | Lord Durham | Photograph | Unknown - Library and Archives Canada
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Lord Durham


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kathrynziedenbergPublished by kathrynziedenberg on 30/11/2009 09:51:32
Unsettled by the Canadien insurrections, the British government charged Lord Durham with investigating the source of the social disquiet and devising remedial measures capable of preventing future issues. In fact, Durham's assessment recommended a government structure similar to what Lafontaine was advocating - a responsible government. Furthermore, he advised the union of the Canadas so as to promote assimilation of the French inhabitants. Their contrast in language, religion, values, and culture had been identified as the foundation of the social and economic impetus for the rebellions. While most Canadiens were strongly resistant to the proposal, for its obvious repressive nature, Lafontaine saw significant potential for gain. In particular, union of the Canadas would allow reform advocates to unite across national lines to realize mutual goals.


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