World War 1

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Enlist To-Day. He's Happy & Satified, Are You ?
O. R.
1914-1918, 20th century
76.2 x 50.6 cm
Gift of Miss Emily LeBaron
© McCord Museum
Keywords:  advertisement (9) , Poster (21) , Sign and symbol (2669)
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t-swizzle Published by t-swizzle on 03/03/2014 06:27:59
There were many different tactics that were used to try to get men to enlist in the war. There were many different posters that were made to make people feel many different ways. In this poster they are glorifying war by saying that enlisting in the war makes people happy and satisfied. Since citizens didn't usually have a very strong idea of what war was like, they might have believed this poster and enlisted because they wanted to feel the joy and happiness that the soldier in the poster felt.


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