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anonymousPublished by anonymous on 30/03/2006 09:14:36
August 15, 1914

Today our regiment began basic training. We started our day about an hour before sunrise, most men were already awake though, and none of us could sleep since we were all too nervous about the two months of preparation that lay ahead of us. Luckily though, a friend of mine from Halifax is here with me. Thomas and I grew up together, and nothing against the other men I'm serving with, who are all fine men, but there's no one else I would rather have watching my back. We started with some simple running drills, simple, not easy. After an hour of running, they decided it was time for some cleaning.

About five of us were assigned to the barracks we wee staying in, and were told not to leave a spec of dirt. To make matters worse, all we were given to do this was a bucket of water and a toothbrush. After we had cleaned the entire barracks (must have taken two or three hours) the Sergeant then got us on the obstacle course.

Every one here can't wait to finish boot camp and go kick some crout butt, but for now we've got another two months of this training, and it can't end soon enough.

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