A Vile Style

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Christy Yau, grade 10, David Thompson Secondary, Vancouver, BC. Teacher: Tom Morton. Winter 2005.

As the title suggests, this tour depicts A Vile Style. Throughout the ages, there have been many definitions of what's 'in' and what's 'out'. A style that is considered chic today may be tomorrow's fashion taboo. The variable nature of fashion is the source of much woe for people, but particularly, women. Society has deemed 'beauty' as a crucial asset for women to possess. Generally, people were not as well informed on health matters a hundred or so years ago as they are today. This ignorance certainly did not provide any amount of contentment as ignorant bliss would imply. This is so, as women strived to minify their waists with the aid of one of the most fashionable items in the 1800s--corsets.

Perhaps, after this tour, we can finally learn the answer to the agelong question:

Is fashion worth dying for?

By: Christy Yau
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