The Acadian Renaissance

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During the second half of the 19th century, a national awakening among Acadians kindles in them a desire for a society on a par with that of their English- and French-Canadian fellow citizens. The Acadian National Conventions are inaugurated, providing a platform for Acadians to pursue their goals. Working mainly through commissions, delegates mobilize on the issues of agriculture, colonization, education, language and journalism. From 1881 to 1979, the organization of the conventions is overseen by the Société nationale l'Assomption. At the meetings, held in Church Point, Nova Scotia (1890), Arichat, Nova Scotia (1900) and Moncton, New Brunswick (1927), among other locations, delegates champion the rights of the Acadian people. In the reorganization of 1957, the Société nationale l'Assomption becomes the Société nationale des Acadians (SNA).