19911000033 | Edward Porka et un homme non identifié

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Edward Porka et un homme non identifié
Pierre DeJourdan
22 novembre 1929, 20e siècle
11 x 17.5 cm
Cet artefact appartient à : © Sir Alexander Galt Museum and Archives
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rporkkaPublié par rporkka le 2017-09-16 00:53:26
My name is Rob Porkka from Red Deer, AB. Recently, I came across this photo below in your on line archives of my great uncle and my grandfather. This is the first picture I have seen of my great uncle as young adult. Here is a little further information on the photo:Standing in the photo is my great uncle Edward PORKKA 1906-1996 (note our last name has two k?s)- aged 23 in the photoSeated is his brother (my grandfather) Albert ?Walter? PORKKA 1897-1967- aged 32 in the photoMuch of the Porkka family immigrated from Brush Prairie, Washington state to southern Alberta to the Foremost, Wrentham and Picture Butte areas. My great grandfather (Sam Porkka SR and immigrated from Finland to Washington state.His sons and daughters all investigated farming in southern Alberta. Ultimately Sam Porkka JR and my grandfather Walter Porkka stayed permanently in Canada. Edward Porkka eventually moved to Anaheim, California and lived the longest of his 11 siblings, 90 years.The photo was likely taken when Edward was visiting from Washington state. in 1929.My grandfather, Walter Porkka first worked in Foremost, Goddard and Birdsholm, AB areas and then farmed one mile north of Wrentham, AB. He then started a second farm north of Picture Butte at ?Porkka's Corner? (15 miles east of Barons at the junction of routes 520 and 843) circa 1938 as there was better less dry farmland there. Walter Porkka married Matilda née Ully (Sheets). Matilda?s first husband Luther Sheets was killed in a well cave in at Birdsholm, AB. Walter and step son Melvin Sheets, along with sons Ernie Porkka, and my father Roy Porkka farmed there. My father left the family farm to attend law school at the U of A and eventually practiced law in Red Deer. Some of the Picture Butte land is still owned by Ernie Porkka?s daughters. I would be interested to know if you have other info in your archives about the Porkka family. In addition, I have other photos of farm life as well as digital copies of posts cards that were sent back and forth between southern Alberta and family in Brush Prairie, Washington state from 100 years ago. (some in English and some in Finnish)Please find a link to a scan of some of the postcards that unfortunately display out of sequential order. https://www.facebook.com/rob.porkka/media_set?set=a.10151171250748628.502230.685148627&type=3Thank you. Rob PorkkaRed Deer, Alberta

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