M987.253.73 | Geological map, Newfoundland

Print (photomechanical)
Geological map, Newfoundland
H. Belden Co. (Publisher - éditeur)
About 1881, 19th century
Ink and coloured ink on paper - Chromolithography
39 x 32.1 cm
Gift of Mr. Colin McMichael
© McCord Museum
Keywords:  Map (219) , Map (215) , Print (10661)
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Clark17Published by Clark17 on 2014-09-28 17:30:52
Hi there, I have this map but there are a couple of very slight differences. Mine is dated 1876 yours here is dated 1881,could it be possible that these are 2 different maps or is one of ours not the correct date. please help me out, thanks. Also I can not find this map any where on the web except for your site, would you know of anywhere else to look. Thanks

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