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This artefact belongs to: © Centre d'études acadiennes
Commander Albert M. Sormany
Studio Laforte
About 1960, 20th century
25.1 x 20.1 cm
Gift of Dr. Sormany
This artefact belongs to: © Centre d'études acadiennes

Keys to History:

Albert M. Sormany (1885-1970) played a leading role in improving Acadian education in New Brunswick. Bettering the school system was his primary concern, as is evident from the voluntary work he did for Acadian institutions. He was an ardent nationalist, always fighting for Acadian rights. His devotion to the cause led him to put pressure on the then Minister of Education, John B. McNair (Liberal, 1940-1952), to provide summer schools in French for Acadian schoolteachers so that they could polish their skills, as their English-speaking peers were able to do. Sormany was also founder and chairman of the Association acadienne d'éducation (AAE), founded in 1936.


Every year the Société des Acadiens et Acadiennes du Nouveau-Brunswick awards the A. M. Sormany prize to Acadian men and women who have contributed to advancing the Acadian cause.


Albert M. Sormany studied medicine at Université Laval.


Albert M. Sormany practised medicine in Edmundston, New Brunswick, from 1910.


Albert M. Sormany was a member of the Ordre de Jacques-Cartier until it ceased to exist in 1964. It was a secret society founded to help French-speaking federal civil servants to achieve more standing within the public service.

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