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Photograph, glass lantern slide
Threshing wheat, Western Canada, about 1923
Anonyme - Anonymous
About 1923, 20th century
Silver salts and transparent ink on glass - Gelatin dry plate process
8 x 10 cm
Gift of Mr. Stanley G. Triggs
© McCord Museum


"Threshing: After reaping comes threshing, which in the West is done in the open field. The man on the wagon is feeding sheaves into the separator, which is driven by the tractor to the left. The threshed grain is coming down a spout into the other wagon immediately in front, and the straw is flying out at the right. Machinery is playing every year an increasingly large part in agricultural production in Western Canada, and in ploughing, reaping and sundry other operations is superseding horse-power. Western Canada produced in 1927 over 420,000,000 bushels of wheat alone. (For current statistics of agriculture production, see "Canada Year Book.")"

Excerpt from "ACROSS CANADA BY C. P. R.", Section 4--The Prairie Provinces; booklet, McGill University Illustrated Lectures, 1928.

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