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Photograph, glass lantern slide
Unloading salmon from scows, Westminster, BC, about 1920
Anonyme - Anonymous
About 1920, 20th century
Silver salts and transparent ink on glass - Gelatin dry plate process
8 x 10 cm
Gift of Mr. Stanley G. Triggs
© McCord Museum


"Salmon Fishing: The Fraser River is one the most famous salmon rivers of the world, and the salmon fisheries form one of the most profitable industries of the Pacific coast. The fish "run" up the Fraser River for a considerable distance, but the headquarters of the canning industry are at Westminster. Gigantic canneries, employing a large number of people, have an output of many thousands pounds a day, and B.C. salmon finds its way to practically all parts of the civilized world."

Excerpt from "ACROSS CANADA BY C. P. R.", Section 7--The Pacific Coast; booklet, McGill University Illustrated Lectures, 1928.

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