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Photograph, glass lantern slide
Fishing, Cains River, NB, about 1923
Anonyme - Anonymous
About 1923, 20th century
Silver salts and transparent ink on glass - Gelatin dry plate process
8 x 10 cm
Gift of Mr. Stanley G. Triggs
© McCord Museum


"Fishing in New Brunswick: The province of New Brunswick is a paradise for sportsmen. Not only are many kinds of big game found within its borders, ranging from the majestic moose downwards, but its countless streams are teeming with fish, including not only trout, bass and the other usual varieties, but also the the lordly salmon. A fishing holiday in New Brunswick is one to be remembered always."

Excerpt from "ACROSS CANADA BY C. P. R.", Section 1--The Maritime Provinces; booklet, McGill University Illustrated Lectures, 1928.

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