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Eastern Arctic
Inuit: Nunavimiut
Surra Baron
1979, 20th century
Caribou fur, seal fur, dog fur, sinew, glass beads
44 x 192 cm
Gift of Mr. Ian Lindsay
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Keys to History:

The amauti, or woman's parka, is perhaps the world's most unique garment, and although the design is historic, women in Nunavik continue to make and wear them. In summer, the amauti is worn single-layered, with the fur to the inside, as shown here. In winter, a second garment is added over top with its fur to the outside, making the wearer comfortable in freezing Arctic temperatures.

This amauti was made in the Nunavik community of Kangiqsualujjuaq and involved the collaboration of four artists. The body of the coat is made of caribou, and the ruff around the hood is wolverine. The coat is decorated with beads and ringed seal fur.


This is an amauti (woman's parka) made from caribou and decorated with seal, wolverine and glass beads.


This amauti was created in Kangiqsualujjuaq (formerly George River), Nunavik.


The amauti was made in 1979.


This amauti was made by Surra Baron, Surra Annanack and Claire Etook. Ayanaylitok did the beadwork.

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