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Drawing, cartoon
Electric Blanket.
John Collins
About 1962, 20th century
Ink, coloured pencil and opaque white on paper
36.9 x 29.9 cm
Gift of Mr. John Collins - The Gazette
© McCord Museum

Keys to History:

Rarely has Québec seen an election campaign like that of 1962, dominated by a single specific issue, in this case the nationalization of electrical power. With everyone discussing the same topic, a fierce war of words developed between proponents and opponents of nationalization as they sought to win over voters.


The Québec Liberal government's nationalization of electrical utilities was one of the cornerstones of the Quiet Revolution. The 1962 electoral campaign turned on this issue, thrusting it to the forefront of the political news.


The companies the government wanted to nationalize provided power to a large part of the province, with the exception of the city of Montreal, which was already served by government-owned Hydro-Québec.


The electoral campaign that focussed on the nationalization of the electrical power system culminated in the general election of November 14, 1962.


Collins used the character Uno Who to represent the average Quebecker.

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