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Drawing, cartoon
Party Games
John Collins
1970, 20th century
Ink, graphite and opaque white on paper
37.1 x 29.2 cm
Gift of Mr. John Collins - The Gazette
© McCord Museum

Keys to History:

There was a certain excitement in the air before the 1970 Quebec general election was called. It is reflected in the attitude of Uno Who -- a recurrent character in John Collins's cartoons representing the anonymous average citizen -- who is trying out a novel method for determining the exact date of the expected election.


The 1970 general election, which took place in a particularly effervescent political climate, was contested by four major parties that all had a good chance of electing members to the National Assembly -- a rare occurrence in Québec provincial politics.


The election was held in all the ridings in Québec.


The election took place on April 29, 1970.


The faces drawn on the numbers hanging over Uno Who's head are those of the leaders of the four major political parties: Robert Bourassa (Québec Liberal Party), Jean-Jacques Bertrand (Union Nationale), Camil Samson (Social Credit) and René Lévesque (Parti Québécois).

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