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Infant's cap
Eastern Woodlands
Aboriginal: Mi'kmaq
Anonyme - Anonymous
1895-1905, 19th century or 20th century
Velveteen, cotton lining, silk ribbon, glass beads, cotton thread
13 x 15 cm
Gift of Mr. David Ross McCord
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Keys to History:

Materials from Europe

From the early 18th century and the onset of regular trade with Europeans, the Mi'kmaq had access to new materials. Mi'kmaq women were quick to appropriate these materials and to adopt new forms of expression. Silk ribbons and glass beads were soon being used with deer hide, bone and wood. The ease with which Mi'kmaq women moved between traditional and new materials is testimony to their great skill as seamstresses.


This rare baby bonnet is made of six cotton panels stitched together and lovingly decorated with beads and embroidery.


This baby bonnet comes from Nova Scotia.


The baby bonnet was made in the early 20th century.


This bonnet was no doubt made by a Mi'kmaq mother for her baby. Its fine embroidery and decorative elements attest to the woman's great skill as a seamstress.

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