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Train ticket
1912, 20th century
7 x 13 cm
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Keys to History:

This ticket, with a value of $0.45, entitled its holder to make the Montreal-Ottawa trip on board a train of the Grand Trunk Railway on February 6 of 1911 or 1912.

At the time, snow was no longer a problem for rail transport. Trains had been able to operate in the winter since 1886 thanks to the rotary snowplough invented by Canadian J. W. Elliot.

By the 1850s the main railway company in Canada, the Grand Trunk Railway owned in 1867 the bigger rail network in the world, with 2055 km of railway lines. However, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy in 1919. It would be amalgamated with the Canadian National Railway in 1923.


The words "Montreal," "Ottawa" and "Going West" punched on the ticket indicate the traveller took the train in Montreal to go to Ottawa.


The twenty different place names listed on the ticket indicate the departure points and destinations of this Grand Trunk Railway.


Because the punch hole overlaps the dates 1911 and 1912 printed on the ticket, it is difficult to tell which year it was used.


To be valid, this ticket had to be accompanied by a first-class railway passenger ticket or a pass.

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