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Place d'Armes a Montreal
Cornelius Krieghoff (1815-1872)
1848, 19th century
Ink on paper - Lithography
40.7 x 53.3 cm
Gift of Mr. David Ross McCord
© McCord Museum

Keys to History:

In Canada, horse-drawn vehicles predominated until the arrival of the automobile.

Reflecting well the practices of the period, this scene at Montreal's Place d'Armes dating from the middle of the 19th century shows people in horse-drawn vehicles. It was a widespread custom to ride around on Sunday in your carriage. This recreational outing was an opportunity to show off your most beautiful finery and your most handsome equipage. Place d'Armes and Sherbrooke Street, two neighbourhoods buzzing with activity, were the places of choice for these Sunday outings.


Many lithographs of this work were printed to be purchased by Montrealers, since the financial district illustrated showed the economic vitality of the city.


Towards the end of the 1800s, Place d'Armes was a central location for processions, parades, assemblies and public funerals.


Cornelius David Krieghoff pursued his career as a painter in Montreal from 1846 to 1853, after a few years studying art in Europe.


Dutch by birth, Krieghoff (1815-1872) spent time in the big Canada cities of the period (Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto) after marrying a Canadian in about 1840.

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