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Newspaper extract
April 14, 1847, 19th century
Montreal Gazette


"(...) Mr. Stephenson is thought a bold man in attempting to construct an iron tube of some four hundred and fifty feet length; but he, we suspect, would shrink appalled from constructing three, each of nine hundred. In our humble apprehension the plan is totally impracticable."
"(...) We make these remarks without any reference to the comparative advantages, military, economical, and commercial, of constructing a bridge a little higher up the river, and where it might be carried along on piles, with no great span of arches or strength of substructure, but merely to hint that if it is of civil and military importance to open a communication from the centre of the town, by way of the fortified position on St. Helen's Island, it is possible to effect it by another mode than a bridge, which we believe to be impracticable."

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