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Newspaper extract
Opening of the Victoria Bridge for the Traffic.
December 24, 1859, 19th century
Montreal Weekly Gazette
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"Mr. Bruce, C.E. (inspected the bridge on behalf of the Company): " And I am satisfied that no better work was ever built - that no iron tubes were ever put together, in which inhabitants of Canada may more safely trust themselves, and that no masonry was ever heaped up stone by stone with more credit to those who put it together."
...It will not be out of place to state that the bridge has been subjected by the English Engineers, as we understand to the most severe tests. Wagons loaded with stones to their utmost capacity have been drawn over it by two locomotives attached together, and a strain produced, equal to three or four time that which can be produced by ordinary freight trains. It as after such a test Mr. Bruce declares that no better or stronger work can be found anywhere."

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