Are you a 'civilized' person, suited to the Victorian period?

To find out, select the role of a man or woman by clicking on one of the two portraits over the fireplace.
Then use the game board on the table to move from one situation to another.
You can visit five different places. In each, you will have to choose the appropriate type of clothing to wear, or determine which is the best way to react.
You win or lose points depending on your answers. You can accumulate up to a total of 1,000 points, 500 per character.
Each character?s progress will be displayed in a dial in the upper right of your screen. You can click on a dial at any time to return to the menu and select another character.
To select a new place, you can go back to the game board at any time by clicking on the BACK arrow located at the top of the screen.
Beware! If you quit a place before you answer all the questions, you will lose all the points you accumulated there.
And, once you answer all the questions related to a place, be aware that its entry will be locked on the game board.


Concept and content : McCord Museum
Game Design and Programming : Pakobrats