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T. J.
Taber, A. B.
Tabor, A. B.
Taché, Eugène
Takatak, Annie
Tandy Corporation
Tanguay, Abbé Cyprien
Tappan Adney, Edwin
Taschereau, Zoe
Taylor Pottery
Taylor Scott & Co.
Taylor, Frederick B.
Taylor, John
Tempo Togs
Tepham, F. W.
The Britton Printing Company
The Courier Company
The Cowan Company, Limited
The Crescent Toy Co. Ltd.
The Dangerfield Printing Company Limited
The Enquirer Job Printing Company
The Food Controller for Canada
The Gillin Print Co.
The Hegeman Print
The Ingersoll Cream Cheese Co. Limted
The Linol-Litho Color Pres
The London School of Photography
The Mantle Lamp Co. of America
The Metropolitan Printing Company
The Ogilvie Flour Mills Company
The Otis Lithograph Company
The Postcard Studios
The Seven-Up Company
The Standard Flashlight Co.
The United States Printing & Lithograph Co.
Théodore Haviland & Company
Thielcke, Henry Daniel
Thom (?), Mrs. William Hester
Thom, A. B.
Thomas & Richard Boote
Thomas Allan & Co.
Thomas Forester, Son & Company
Thomas Furnival & Sons
Thomas Godwin
Thomas Goode & Company
Thomas Harkness, Son & Co.
Thomas Nelson and Sons, Ltd.
Thomas Sharpus & Company
Thomas, G.
Thomas, John
Thomas, Roy
Thomas, W. C.
Thompson, David
Thompson, S. J.
Tiffany Glass Company
Tiffany Studios
Till, Fr.
Timmis, Anna
Tinning, George
Tinning, George Richard Mrd.
Tirion, Isaak
Tivoli Studio
Topley Studio
Topley, William James
Toronto Brewing and Malting Company
Toronto Lithographing Co. Ltd.
Toronto Lithographing Company, Limited
Toronto Pottery Co.
Toronto Pottery Company, Limited
Toronto Silver Plate Company
Townend, William H.
Townshend, George
Toy Nomura
Trade Review Publishing Company
Transogram (Canada) Limited
Tressemann & Vogt
Tribes' Printing Works
Trichon, Auguste
Triggs, Stanley G.
Trotter, Emily
Trueman & Caple
Trumbull, John
Tueedir, F. M
Tukalak, Lukassie
Tully, Sidney
Tunnillie, Samuellie
Turner, E. A.
Turner, Edwin R.
Turner, T. A.
Twiss, Ira
Tyler, Jonathan