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R. Bliss Manufacturing Co.
R., A.
R., O.
Rabanne, Paco
Racey, Arthur George
Ragan, H. H.
Ragee, Eegyvudluk
Ramage, John
Ramage, John (attribué à / attributed to)
Raphael, William
Rattle, Cephas
Rau, W. H.
Rawsons Tailor
Raymond, Maurice
Read, Samuel
Reckitt & Colman (Canada) Limited
Redpath, Frederick
Regent Knitting Mills
Reinblatt, Moe
Reliable Toy Co.
Rémi Delinières & Compagnie
Ressler, Herman R.
Revell Toys
Reynolds, Catherine
Reynolds, Joshua
Ricalton, James
Richard, Henri
Richards & Hartley Glass Company
Ridgway, John
Ridgway, Morley, Wear & Company
Ridgways Potteries Limited
Ridley, M. W.
Rielle, Joseph
Rimmer, Alfred
Rindisbacher, Peter
Ritchie, Alexander
Riverside Printing Company
Robert Alexander Kidston & Company
Robert Browning
Robert Cochran & Company
Roberts, D.
Robertson, Alexander
Robertson, L. F.
Robinson, J. Theo.
Robyn, T.
Rock City Cigar Co., Lévis
Roden Brothers
Roe, Nicholas
Rogers Bros.
Rohde William
Rollo, The Hon. Col. Robert
Rolph, Smith & Company
Rolph-Clark-Stone Limited
Rolph-Clark-Stone Ltd.
Roper Herbert Vennor
Roper, Alfred Walter
Roper, E.
Rose Marie Reid of California
Rosen (alias Dave Rosen)
Ross, A. J.
Ross, Alexander
Ross, Eliza
Ross, John
Ross, John Hugh
Ross, W. O. K.
Rousseau, Albert
Rowland & Marsellus Company
Roy-Audy, Jean-Baptiste
Royal Doulton
Royal Doulton Company Limited
Royal Paragon China Company Limited
Royal Photo Studio
Royal Sewing Machine Company
Royal Stafford China
Royal Winton
Royal Worcester Porcelain Company
Rubidge, Preston Frederick
Ruelland, Ludger
Ruelland, Wilhelmine
Russel, S.
Russell & Sons
Russell, E.
Russell, Edward John
Russell, George
Russell, George Horne
Rutherford & Company