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Central Plains

The Central Plains are a sub-area of the vast Plains geocultural area. Prairies and high plains characterize this enormous territory. It stretches from the Upper Mississippi Valley to the Rocky Mountains, and from the North Saskatchewan River Valley south to the Rio Grande. More precisely, the Central Plains encompasses Wyoming, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Groups such as the Cheyenne, Oceti Sakowin and Lakota live in this geocultural area.

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Baby carrier (cradleboard) (M973.40.1)

Baby carrier (cradleboard)
Anonyme - Anonymous
1840-1860, 19th century

Moccasin (ME926.52.1-2)

Anonyme - Anonymous
1885-1897, 19th century or 20th century

Anklet (M12541)

Anonyme - Anonymous
1835-1845, 19th century