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Central Arctic

The Central Arctic is a sub-area of the vast Arctic geocultural area that extends over the northernmost regions of Canada, Alaska (USA), Siberia (Russia) and Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland). More precisely, the borders of the Central Arctic hug the political borders of Nunavut. The region encompasses Kivalliq (Keewatin), Kitikmeot and the western half of Qikiqtaaluk (Baffin Island).

Inuit groups such as the Inuinnaq, Iglulingmiut and Inuit of Kivalliq live in this geocultural area.

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Dancing cap (M976.148)

Dancing cap
Anonyme - Anonymous
About 1968, 20th century

Model sled (M978.76.11)

Model sled
Anonyme - Anonymous
1920-1930, 20th century

Young girl's amauti (ME937.3)

Young girl's amauti
Anonyme - Anonymous
1925-1935, 20th century