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Ethnology and Archaeology

Some 16,400 ethnographic and archaeological objects reflect the special and longstanding ties that link the Museum to the Native peoples of Canada and document many aspects of their ways of life, arts, cultures and traditions. This sector also includes a number of objects from communities living in Alaska and the northern United States.

Its size and intrinsic value make this one of Canada's major collections and the most important of its kind in Quebec. The Collection is known the world over due to the broad area represented, the great age of many of its pieces, their excellent state of conservation and the extensive documentation that accompanies them.


  • More than 7,300 historical aboriginal objects, dating from the early 1800s to 1945 ; clothing, accessories, headgear, domestic tools, baskets, hunting weaponry, etc.
  • More than 8,500 archaeological objects (stone tools, potsherds) dating from about 10,000 years ago to the 16th century.
  • Items representing aboriginal groups from across Canada: the Eastern Woodlands, the Prairies, the Northwest Coast, the Subarctic and Arctic regions.

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Headdress (M182)

Anonyme - Anonymous
1775-1800, 18th century

Widow's amauti or arnauti (M5836)

Widow's amauti or arnauti
Anonyme - Anonymous
1890-1897, 19th century

Bowl (ACC1194)

Anonyme - Anonymous
1790-1820, 18th century or 19th century