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Ephemera Collection (C656)

1895-1963. - 2 cm of textual records.

Scope and Content:

This collection contains what is referred to as "ephemera," a term that is defined by Jim Burant in his paper "Ephemera, Archives, and Another View of History" as follows:

"Ephemera are those everyday, impermanent items produced irregularly and designed to use and then throw away. Pamphlets, brochures, tickets, programmes, published reports, handbills, menus, advertisements, posters, and other miscellaneous printed or published items are all considered ephemera."

This collection was therefore created specifically for this type of documentary material. It contains (for the moment) a pair of cardboard-framed glasses with a special visor for safely observing solar eclipses, distributed by Labatt Breweries; vouchers for the Théâtre Saint-Denis in Montreal; a cardboard ruler from the Lux soap company; a booklet about how to make paper flowers; leaflets on the Quebec City carnival; and a fishing licence along with two receipts.