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Children's Litterature Collection (C117)

1834-1994. - 321 cm of textual documents (191 books).

Scope and Content:

This collection consists of children's books published in Canada, the U.S.A., France and England. Most of them were published prior to the 1950s. The items in the collection show how children's books have changed over the years with respect to book binding, illustrations, font, etc. Some of the titles in the collection are A Guide for Youth to Truth and Duty, Grandpapa's Keepsakes, Fées de la terre canadienne, A Flat Iron for a Farthing, Sunday Reading for the Young, In the Wilds of Africa: A Tale for Boys, Shirley Temple's Annual, Mickey Mouse's Annual, Mother Earth's Children: The Frolics of the Fruits and Vegetables.

The collection is divided into the following series:

  • A. Stories/Tales/Novels
  • B. Picture Books
  • C. Alphabet Books
  • D. Annuals (Chatterbox, Girl's Own, Boy's Own, etc.)
  • E. Plays (Hamlet, Treasure Island, Aladdin, etc.)
  • F. Rhymes/Poems
  • G. Educational Books (history, geography, nature, sports, etc.)
  • H. Colouring/Painting Books
  • I. Fabric Books
  • J. Baby Books (souvenirs of newborns)
  • K. Pop-up/Cut-out Books
  • L. Comics
  • M. Box Sets
  • N. Official and Government Publications