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Medicine & Science

Astro-Meteorological Association (P304)
Natural History Society of Montréal (P237)
Thompson, David (P306)

Business & Economy

Armstrong, Deligny and Phillips, Families (P009)
Blondeau, Maurice-Régis (P098) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Bryson, Gordon (P672) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Canadian Pacific (C630)
Caverhill, Family (P645) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Cuthbert and Bostwick, Families (P105)
Dominion Line Steamships: Passenger Department (C073)
Douville Fonds, Charles Irénée (P554) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Echenberg, Eddy (C586)
Gravel, Ludger (P091) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Hart, Family (P013)
Hudson's Bay Company (C099)
Kollymer, Andrew (P200)
McKenna's House of Flowers (P728)
Murdoch, James (P589)
Navigation and Sea Transport (C545)
North West Company (C104)
Pozer, Family (P016)
Rawlings, Family (P017)
Redpath, John (P085)
Rolph-Clark-Stone Limited (P096)
Rouville, Seigneurie de (P107)
Saint Lawrence Hall Hotel (P093)
Schulich, Seymour (C095)
Shap's Soda and Lunch (P725)
Sorel, Seigneurie de (P109)
Walker, Family (P110)
Windsor Hotel (P092) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS

War and the Military

Amherst, Baron Jeffery (C171)
Canadian Military Documents (C169)
Fenian Raids (C180)
First World War (C218)
Gordon, William Augustus (P172)
Johnson, Family (P175)
McKay, William (P178)
McKee, John (P181)
Munro, John and Henry (P049)
Murray, James (P307)
Rebellions of 1837 and 1838 (C179)
Ross, John Wardrop (P217) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Second World War (C311)
Seven Years War in North America (C170)
South African War (Boer War) (C312)
Stevenson, Richard Henry (P681)
Victoria Rifles of Canada (P190)
Von Riedesel, Friedrick Adolphus (P176)
War of 1812-1814 (C177)
War of the American Revolution (C174)
Watts, William John (P663)
Wolfe, James (C173)

Politics and Government

Badgley, Family (P195)
Cartier, Sir George-Étienne (P197) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Casgrain, Forget and Berthelot, Families (P683) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Hale, Edward (P036)
Morris and Felton, Families (P047)
Murray, Sir George (P206)
Papineau, Louis-Joseph (C207)
Riel, Louis (C209)
Sanborn, Family (P058)
Stuart, Lavinia (P211)
Taschereau Fonds, Louis-Alexandre (P632) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS

Culture, Literature and the Arts

Baillargeon-Côté, Hélène (P132) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Boorne & May (C402)
Canadian Artists (C121)
Curtis, Edward Sherrif (P443)
Eckstein, Willie (P767) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Expo 67 and Man and His World (C146) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Fashion, Fabrics and Clothing (C609) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
First Nations (C303)
Flaherty, Robert J. (P439)
Gagnon, Clarence A. (P116) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Henderson, Alexander (P433)
Heriot, John Charles Alison (P038)
Hime, Humphrey Lloyd (P436)
L'Opinion Publique and Canadian Illustrated News (C572)
Magic Lanterns (C558)
Malloch, William Bell (P407)
Millar, Charles Howard, Family (P431)
Morgan, James (P137)
Nolin, Marie-Paule (C726)
Pen and Pencil Club of Montreal (P139) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Performing Arts (C156) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Poitras, Jean-Claude (P689) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Racey, Arthur George (C267)
Starke, Sally (C153)
Thomson, John Stuart (C143)
William Notman & Son Photographic Studio (C343)
Women's Art Society of Montreal (P125)

Professions & Trade

Campbell, Marjorie Wilkins (P128)
David, Donalda (P735) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Gale, Samuel (P199)
Jones, David Thomas (P650)
MacLeod, H. A. F. (P243)
Mailloux, Murielle (P687) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Meloche, Family (P556) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Racey, Family (P057) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Reade, John (P140)
Reid, Helen Richmond Young (P141)
Robson, John and Hannah (P008)

Social & Philanthropic Organizations

Beaver Club (P305)
Brothers-in-law Association (P194)
Cercle des Gourmettes internationales (P724)
Diggers and Weeders Garden Club of Montreal fonds (P697)
Junior League of Montreal (P685) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Montreal Hunt Club (P161) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Province of Quebec Society for the Protection of Birds (P423)
The Montreal Thistle Curling Club (P148) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Themis Club (P236)
WCTU (Women's Christian Temperance Union) (P590)
Women's Canadian Club of Montreal (P722)
Women's Investment Group No. 2 (P720)

Religious & Fraternal Organizations

Anglican Church (C223)
Baldwin, Maurice Scollard (P226)
Bompas, William Carpenter (P227)
Mitchell, Family (P044)
Scott, Frederick George (P229)

Family & Private Life

Adams, Family (P023)
Bacon, Family (P025) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Beaugrand, Honoré (P675) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Bensley, Catharine and Edward Horton (P643)
Boright and Rodger, Families (P027)
Brodie, Family (P021)
Brown, Elizabeth Leighton (P721)
Cartier, Louis-Joseph, Family (P660) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Charrier, Michael and Victor (P029)
Chartier de Lotbinière and Harwood, Families (P292) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Clouston and Todd, Families (P007)
Clouston, Family (P007)
Collins, John (P719)
Cook, Family (P012)
De Rocheblave, Bouthillier, Routh (C019)
Des Rivières and Taschereau, Families (P752) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Dessaulles, Papineau, Leman and Béique, Families (P010) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Drummond, Family (P015)
Frothingham, Family (P034)
Grannis, Meigs, Meekren, Families (P078)
Greenshields, Family (P011)
Grignon and Guèvremont, Families (P747) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Judah and Springle, Families (P014)
Le Moine, Family (P761) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Leclère (Leclerc), Family (P731) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Lot 1780, Peel Street (C640)
Lot 374, Westmount (C642)
Lunn, Cross and MacInnes, Families (P042)
McConnell, John Wilson (P607)
McGillivray, Family (P100)
Molson, Family (P046)
Molson, Nona (P723)
Nelson, Family (P296)
Petch, William N. Petch (P163) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Poutré Léontine and Martin, Hercule Martin (P748) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Reed, Family (P056)
Reford, Family (P018)
Robillard, Family (P106) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Stephens, Family (P020)
Tremblay, Jérémie and Bergeron, Mariette (757) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Trent, Family (P022)
Verdon, Family (P108) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Walker, John and John Henry (P729)
Will, Family (P621)

Travel & Exploration

Back, Sir George (P238) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Bridge, Samuel Southby (P353)
Cormack, William Eppes (P239)
Cresswell, R.H.S. and Fred S. (P240)
Dease, Peter Warren (P241)
Downes, Prentice Gilbert (P759)
Franklin, Sir John (P242)
McVicar, Robert (P103)
O'Neill, John Johnston (P244)
Richardson, Sir John (P248)
Ridley, Robert L. (P756)
Ross, Sir John (P245)

General History

Corley-Murchison (C340)
Daviault, Georges-Alphonse (C626)

Special Collections

Canadian Almanacs (C622)
Canadian Directories (C623)
Canadiana Collection (C002) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Children's Litterature (C117)
Choquette, Alain (C692)
Dance Card (C288)
Ephemera (C656)
Games of the XXIst Olympiad - Montreal 1976 (C277)
Menus and Gastronomy (C285) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Numismatic (C251)
O'Brien, Julian Armstrong (C716)
Pamphlets and Advertisements (C283) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Recipes and Food (C265) - DIGITIZED DOCUMENTS
Religious Books (C394)