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Contemporary Quebec in Cartoons

Drawn from the collections, this selection of approximately 250 cartoons takes a humorous look at Quebec politics from the 1960s through to the present. The images are primarily the work of cartoonists John Collins (1917- ), Normand Hudon (1929-1997), Aislin (1942- ), Serge Chapleau (1945- ) and Éric Godin (1964- ), all of whom are current or former employees of Montreal newspapers.


  • Nationalization of electricity and other events or debates linked to the Quiet Revolution (1960-1966);
  • Referendums (1980, 1992 and 1995), repatriation of the Constitution (1982), and Meech Lake Accord (1988);
  • Quebec-Canada relations and Quebec nationalism;
  • Portraits of federal, provincial and municipal politicians.

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Happy Canada Day! Joyeux Canada Jour ! (M996.10.62)

Drawing, cartoon
Happy Canada Day! Joyeux Canada Jour !
Serge Chapleau
1994, 20th century

René Lévesque, Boxer (M988.176.220)

Drawing, cartoon
René Lévesque, Boxer
Aislin (alias Terry Mosher)
October 20, 1979, 20th century

Split Personality. (M965.199.2674)

Drawing, cartoon
Split Personality.
John Collins
1964, 20th century