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Québec trade unionism in the 20th century

Drawn from the collections of the McCord Museum, this selection consists of some 50 cartoons on trade unionism in Québec from the 1950s to today. Most of the drawings were done by cartoonists John Collins (1917-2007), Normand Hudon (1929-1997), Aislin (born 1942), Serge Chapleau (born 1945) and Éric Godin (born 1964), who all worked, or still work, for Montreal newspapers.


  • Strikes in the asbestos industry
  • The 1972 Common Front
  • The major trade unions: CNTU, QFL and CEQ

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On Strike! (M983.227.20)

Drawing, cartoon
On Strike!
Aislin (alias Terry Mosher)
November 10, 1979, 20th century

The Right to Strike (M997.63.396)

Drawing, cartoon
The Right to Strike
Normand Hudon
1961, 20th century

47,000 Nurses Reject Settlement (M2000.93.53)

Drawing, cartoon
47,000 Nurses Reject Settlement
Serge Chapleau
1999, 20th century