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Chapleau, Serge

Born December 5, 1945, in Montreal, Serge Chapleau came out shooting with his crayons at a very young age, notably, in the naval battles played by him and his friends! In 1969, Chapleau earned a diploma from Montreal's École des beaux-arts and, in 1971, the Quebec weekly Perspectives published his caricature of singer Gilles Vigneault - on a full colour page, a Canadian first. Chapleau's success was immediate - nothing short of phenomenal, in fact.

From 1975 to 1977, his work appeared in the Sunday edition of Montréal-Matin as well as in magazines such as Week-End, Actualité and Nous. At the same time he was creating 3D puppets for television, in particular, the celebrated and ever active Gérard D. Laflaque. Then, in 1985, it was Le Devoir, followed in 1987 by the Matin adventure and, from 1989 to 1992, his daily cartoon in 7 jours. After a return to Le Devoir in 1991, he joined La Presse in 1996, quickly making liers out of everyone who expected his cartoons to change.

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Elections in Quebec, Real Cuckoo's Nest (M996.10.175)

Drawing, cartoon
Elections in Quebec, Real Cuckoo's Nest
Serge Chapleau
November 14,1976, 20th century

Forward ho for the Yes (M996.10.484)

Drawing, cartoon
Forward ho for the Yes
Serge Chapleau
1992, 20th century

We love you - Pas cette fois-ci j'ai mal à la tête! (M998.51.207)

Drawing, cartoon
We love you - Pas cette fois-ci j'ai mal à la tête!
Serge Chapleau
1995, 20th century