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Mack, Captain George E.

George E. Mack (1887-1941) spent many years travelling by ship to the Canadian North. He served the Hudson’s Bay Company aboard the SS Pelican and the SS Nascopie from 1910 to 1920, and was Superintendent of Bay Transport from 1920 to 1928. An amateur photographer, he put together two albums of photographs taken and collected during his northern travels. In addition to documenting the people who lived in, worked for and visited various Hudson’s Bay Company trading posts in the Eastern Arctic, Mack’s photographs illustrate some aspects of life aboard a supply ship. One of the most fascinating sequences in his albums records the arrival by boat of a herd of Norwegian reindeer and the Laplanders who were hired to help them adjust to Canada's North.

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Man at door of house, 1910-27 (MP-0000.597.32)

Man at door of house, 1910-27
Captain George E. Mack
1910-1927, 20th century

Dead polar bear on deck of S. S. "Nascopie", Hudson Straits, NU. 1921(?) (MP-0000.597.331)

Dead polar bear on deck of S. S. "Nascopie", Hudson Straits, NU. 1921(?)
Captain George E. Mack
Probably 1921, 20th century

Cinematographer in kayak, 1920-27 (MP-0000.597.173)

Cinematographer in kayak, 1920-27
Captain George E. Mack
1920-1927, 20th century