His3813-Gillen-World War Two Cartoons.

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Throughout World War Two cartoons were used by the allied forces to do many things that today's political cartoons do not do. The war cartoons of this era were designed to essentially do three things; promote the war effort, slander the enemy, and keep the public in order with the goals of the allied states. This meant that there was a wide range of cartoons that were printed between 1939 and 1945. During the war years, cartoons were used to educate the public on the dangers that they faced from the axis powers as well as to frighten them in to following the government's directives and desires. These cartoons took stereo types to their limits. Often going on appearance and racial stereotypes, many of them today may seems as politically incorrect, and beyond what may be considered as reasonable today. This may be due to the fact that the allies were in a life or death situation in World War Two and needed the public to continue to support the government, or else they could have faced defeat at the hands of the Axis and much of the world would have been thrown into chaos and oppression. This life or death mentality meant that the allied governments would do whatever it took to convince the public to keep supporting the government, and that meant that the cartoons and propaganda of the times were designed to induce fear, hate and unconditional support. The rest of this exhibit will be divided into three sections that were mentioned above, which are: Promotion of the War effort, Slandering the enemy, and keeping the public in line.