His3813 - Stenzel - Boring Canadian History; Fiction and Reality.

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"Canadian history is just so boring." This statement is heard far too often from the mouths of Canadians everywhere. Whether it be in reference to the distant or not-too distant past, the stereotype of the "nice" Canadian has invaded the public perception of history and leaving Canadians uninterested in their own past. In his article, Canadian history is so boring... Alan Greer tells us: "So strong is the hold of the standard school textbook narrative of Canadian history over the national imagination, that it is difficult to get a hearing for any other view. When academics reconsider and reinterpret familiar events...their findings tend to be ignored by the media and the public. "Canadian history," as the phrase is commonly used, is straightforward and familiar."(1)
Yet Canadian history does not have to be straightforward and familiar, nor does it need to be bound by textbook rhetoric. By delving into some of the most thoroughly worn out Canadian history topics-and by adding a few images- it is clear that Canadian history is far from "nice" but is in fact populated by the dramatic, scandalous, and controversial issues that add human interest to history everywhere.