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The rebelion that people faced in the 1960's and 1970's was later labeled as counterculture. Young people began to question the political norms and began seeking a better world, including Megan Carolton. Things that people began feeling differently about include; a willingness to challange athority, greater social tolerance, enviromental awareness, gender roles, and marriage. These images are those of Megan Carlton;, an 18 year old girl in 1965. Megan died of cancer, and her room has no one has been in her room since. We were lucky enough to get a first hand experience of life in the 60's and 70's as we were the first ones to be let in to the room. Megan was born in Toronto, Ontario and was dropped out of high school after grade 11 after she was diagnosed with cancer. Megan was uneployed and living in Toronto. Her mother Joan Carlton raised her and her brother Ian as a single mother. Megan's Uncle Peter (Part 2) was the father figure in her life. Ian always enjoyed hearing stories about his uncles life. Peter had served as a commander in the army and later, became a scientist designing and creating the hydrogen bombs. Megan was 18 and living by herself at the time of her death.