ARHI 301 1st Online Asst: William Berczy

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This is my first online assignment for ARHI 301, Canadian Art. In this study, I examine the works of William Berczy and how they relate to, and are influenced by European compositions, specifically, Italian compositions. I will present an example of Berczy's art alongside an example of an Italian piece, predating his work. My method will then be used to understand what Italian techniques Berczy learned from in his studies and developed his own style. TIP: If viewed in 'Album Format' this McCord folder will allow you to view the Berczy painting and the Italian painting side by side as they are both being analyzed.

To understand Berczy's work in relation to European art, it is important to first understand Berczy himself. William Berczy was born in Europe, in Germany, in 1744. While in Europe, Berczy studied art in both Vienna and Italy, and made money as a portrait painter. After moving overseas to New York, he later moved north to Canada where he helped form the city of Markham, Ontario. When settled in Canada, Berczy continued his profession as a portrait painter.

In this study, I connect many of Berczy's North American paintings to teachings of the Italian school of art. Since Berczy studied in Italy, I infer that he took many of those techniques and teachings with him over to the new worls. As a result, we are given clues in Berczy's Canadian pieces as to which Italian styles and paintings he observed and learned from.