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Researching the Artist Joseph Légaré one comes across most frequently the notion of him being indeed one of the first Canadian born artists to compose historical paintings. John R. Porter, who has dedicated numerous works to Légaré's career, describes him as having a great 'sensitivity to new ideas and involvement in the events of his time'. Gillian Poulter commends him for being 'one of the rare painters in Canada aspiring to the genre of History Painting', and for being a man who presented a unique and original, 'Naturalistic visual history'. This becomes a very rare and special quality when considered that he was working in a time when; 'A sense of "Nationalism" [was] curiously deficit in the mind of the average Canadian. Herein lies the main thrust of my argument. While some may retort by presenting predating works, such as that of the 'Overlanders Sketch Book' by Williams Hinds, pointing to its obvious portrayal of a most significant part of Canada's history, nothing comes close to the distinct change in subject matter and interpretation of events, demonstrating an original sense of historic pride and unusual permanence, that emanates from the works of Joseph Légaré.