children of Edward Martin Hopkins of the HBC, both Ogden Hopkins and Beechey Hopkins

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Photos of the children of Edward Martin Hopkins, personal secretary to Sir George Simpson and HBC employee from 1841 to 1870 were taken in 1863 and 1864. Their mother (and step-mother) was the artist of canoe country Frances Anne Hopkins.
In 1863 she also sat for Notman.
Her three children are
1)St. Lawrence Beechey Hopkins, born at Lachine 1859,died of Scarlet Fever at Montreal 1869
2)Julian Beechey Hopkins, born 1861 and died of Croup at Montreal 1864
3) Olive Beechey Hopkins, born at Montreal 1863 and died in England 1917.
Both sons are buried in the cemetery of Mont Royal.
Her step-children, the sons of Ann Ogden Hopkins (1821-1854)are
1)Edward Gouverneur Ogden Hopkins 1850-1918
2)Peter Ogden Hopkins 1852-after 1880
3)Manley Ogden Hopkins 1853-1918.
All three were born at Lachine.
Photo I-11691.1 is probably mis-identified by Notman's records and most likely shows the two youngest Ogden Hopkins who were known as Ogden and Manley.
E.G.O. Hopkins worked as an accountant in Montreal at the time of his photo.
Sources: Records of St. James Anglican Church in Trois Rivieres, Records of the Church of St. Stephen in Lachine, Records of Christ Church in Montreal, and cemetery records of Mont Royal (Les amis du cimetiere Mont Royal.
The Hopkins had two more sons after their return to London in 1870, Wilfred in 1870 and Raymond in 1879.
Biography of Frances Anne Hopkins in progress.
MaryEllen Weller-Smith