Going to War - The Risks and the Reasons

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In 1914 Britain entered World War One. The Triple Entente - France, Russia, and Great Britain stood up against the three nations of the Triple Alliance Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. Of course, this war didn't directly involve Canada but Canadians still went to war. Canada, being a proud and loyal member of the British Empire, was automatically forced into war with Britain in 1914. Few Canadians truly understood the Background causes or the enormity this meant that soldiers didn't quite know what they were getting themselves into. Overtime as Canada discovered the immensity of the war, more and more eligible men refused to go to war. Despite this increasing fear of battle many men did end up risking their lives overseas throughout world war one. This tour will cover the reasons why Canadians were hesitant to go to war as well as why some ended up risking their lives for a war that was not necessarily theirs to fight.