Clothing's in the 1880's-2007

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As my topic,i would like to introduced you the different clothing's in the 1880's up to the present.As we all know fashion changes as the years go by.Here you can see the difference between the men and women's clothing in different years.I also include the history of clothing just to add as a reference so that we are able to determine where and when did clothes or clothing come from.
Clothes is very important in our everyday lives.It acts as our protection not only from the sun but also from every weather that we might encounter.According to the history of the clothings they use animal fur to protect them from their enemy.
And as the years go by,people started to make clothes in a fashionable way and manner.They started to put some decoration,styles,and colours.Women's clothings are more fashionable than men.Women wore different kinds of clothings in different occassion, as for men,they wore the typical three piece suit, whether its a formal or casual affair.Todays clothings differ from the past,it is more advance and modern.From the top to the bottom you can tell the difference.For example,is the skirt,today women wear the shortest skirt ever,but in the past all the skirt are below the knee.
I also include the clothing materials namely,fur,cotton,leather,wool,nylon,etc...