How to create a pair

1. To choose your 2 images, you may:

  • select one of the images that will be posted after you have done a keyword search;
  • select one image from your 'image selection';
  • select one of your personal images. NOTE: You must first be connected and have saved at least one personal image in your 'My McCord' account.

2. To select an image, click on the icon of the image.

3. If you want to change your selection, click on the 'Change image' button.

To explore a pair:

There are three ways to explore your pair of images:

  • Mode 1 - Transparency: Slide the arrow on the line (above the image) to adjust the transparency of the superimposed images. You can move the image on top by left clicking and holding with your mouse.
  • Mode 2 - Superimposition: Slide the 4 arrows on the frame of the image on top in the desired direction to discover parts of the image underneath.
  • Mode 3 - Window: Slide the box in the middle of the image on top to discover different parts of the image underneath. NOTE: Click on the icon in the upper right-hand corner to inverse the order of the images.

To save a pair:

Click on the 'Save my pair' button. Your saved pairs may be found in your personal 'My McCord' account.

IMPORTANT: To save a pair, you must have a 'My McCord' account.


Concept and content : McCord Museum
Game Design and programming : Idéeclic