1st world war

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Men and women are wanting to enlist for war as well as being encouraged by others to enlist. The men want to show bravery and courage when registering and show that their heroic if they find victory. The women want to help in anyway they can possible because they want to support their country. They may feel that people will recognize them as greater hero's when saving lives during the war rather than at home. In both genders when enlisting for the war they know supporting their country is right and others will develop a better picture of them. Citizens, Uncles, Aunts, parents, brothers, sisters, friends encourage one another to join the war. In a family they want everyone of them to enlist for war to show that their family's name put out and served for their country. They want people to see and remember great things when hearing their family's name. Friends push each other to go because they don't want to go alone, at least when they're going with people they know war will be less frightening.