Various Quilts

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Jennifer Keene

Throughout history, people have enjoyed quilts for many different reasons such as warmth, beauty, value, heritage, and art.

Quilting has been found to pad armor during the Crusade, cover Renaissance beds, and help monks find sweet dreams during the 1500's.

There are a few terms that you will want to know before exploring my exhibit. Historically, the term "quilting" is the stitching together of the quilt top, the batting or wadding in the center, and the fabric backing, and it traces its history to before ancient Egypt. "Piecing" a quilt was a primarily decorative form of sewing although now it is becoming prevalent to piece large sections of fabric in order to create a detailed quilt in less time. The term "embroidery" in described as the art of needlework. A "counterpane" is a term that is used to describe a bed covering, and in my research denotes a quilt without "piecing". Just to clarify, a quilt can exist without "piecing" or "embroidery" but it isn't a quilt without "quilting".