Reasons that led to WWI

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The following images symbolise some of the reasons of what started WWI, which I believe are nationalism , economy' rivalrisome and militarism. Essentially the "trigger" to WWI was the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and since it was Gavrilo Princip a Serbian terrorist who assassinated thie heir to the throne, and Austria demanded the right to send their troops into Serbia in search for more Serbian extremists. However, Serbia did not allow this and turned to Russia for help and Germany was there to help Austria Hungary and WWI started. Furthermore, Nationalism was also a part of this event, since many European countries were very nationalistic and this often led to the need to compete against other countries and win against them. Additionally economic rivalries was also a reason of why WWI started. Many countries like Canada were starting to have better industrial conditions and Factories that could increase or even develop the manufacturing of new high powered artillery. So many countries felt the need to compete for materials. Finally, militarism was also the cause of the war since there was a constant race to form a military force between England and Germany which caused tensions between the countries and eventually led to war.