War project, aidan seymour

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During world war one the canadians sent more troops than any other. There were three main things that influenced people into joining the war. Nationalism, glory, and showing what it means to be a canadian citizen. These three things allowed the army to have its immense support and eventually win the war for both themselves and future generations. Canada also was one of the smartest armys, thinking up new strategies instead of using the cannon fodder technique that the british and the french were using. One example is the rolling thunder strategy used on the battle of ypres allowing troops to sneak up under artillery fire, directly to the germans door. Women also helped in the war effort even if they couldnt go directly to the front lines, as farmers or factory workers. Others were able to go as nurses and help the wounded making them near invaluable to the war effort.
Nationalism is represented by people going off to the war, even though it had nothing to do with them, but they went anyway as they felt they had to protect their country. Glory is represented by the medals and memorials for the soldiers and the pride those who fought felt in themselves and finally what it is like to be a canadian is represtend by the sheer amount of people that went to help, how everyone contributed to the war effort even if they couldn't fight, and how canadians did everything to protect those in need.