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Snow Clearing, Yesterday and Today

The first settlers in Canada soon realized that the Canadian winter had nothing in common with winters in Europe. The winters here were very long and cold, and brought more snow than people knew what to do with. The settlers in both Montreal and Quebec City had to devise various techniques to conquer such harsh winters. Clearing the roads of snow was a major problem at the time. They were covered over completely and the only available means of ensuring that people could use the current modes of urban transportation was the shovel. In this feature article, we will show you the methods and inventions that contributed to the development of road snow clearing from 1880 to the present day. 

But just how did snow clearing techniques develop up to now? Throughout this feature we will be using a set of images to help answer this question. For the moment, we believe that snow clearing techniques have developed in accordance with changing living conditions such as population growth and the development of the Montreal economy. This feature was put together by Daniel Beauchemin, Benoît Gagnon, Maxime Faucher and François-Vincent Talbot.