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History of John Collins

Born in Montreal 1917, John Collins always had an interest in drawing, but at the beginning of his teen years Johns world was turned upside down. With the hit of the depression and the what we see as the start of the second world war times were especially tough for all the inhabitants of the great country known as Canada, especially for a young man who was too young to work and too young to fight. Seeing the state of the world and the state of the people in his country, at the mere age of thirteen John began to look at the world from a satirical standpoint.
In The Dictionary Satire is defined a literary technique of writing or art, which exposes the follies of its subject (for example, individuals, organizations, or states) to ridicule, often as an intended means of provoking or preventing change. The humor of such a satire tends to be subtle, using irony and deadpan humor liberally. Most satire has specific, readily identifiable targets.
Quite possibly the best and shortest definition of satire is the following: In satire laughter is used as a weapon, and that's exactly what John planned to do. Working as a paperboy for the "Montreal Gazette" The "Higher Ups" Quickly realized that this young boy had some talent, and Oh how talented he was. Realizing the need, John first began to satirize the depression to relieve the tension that the country was facing in these dark times, with these cartoons John was then "promoted" and hired as a Cartoonist for that same newspaper. As the time passed, the Second World War hit hard and took the country out of the depression, but with no more depression that meant no more cartoons. Instead of feeling down on his talent, John began to look at the politics of the war, and began to satirize that as well. He became very successful and sold many of the cartoons to the New York Times.
John Collins himself drew our entire selection of pictures all of which revolve around the Second World War or Canadian Politics. There isn't much of a story linking them together other then the artist and the war, but we're sure that you get the Idea.
To finish it all off John kept drawing well into retirement, he was hired by the Canadian government to draw about the Canadian Politics. John continued to draw until he died between the months of January and December 1996. He was 79.